Wednesday, August 18, 2010

yeh well

Okay so at the moment i am sitting here skyping with Jana, trying with all my heart not to break down and cry, like a broken hearted child, because the one thing i dont want to do is put this onto my Jana, my beloved.
I live in Fear, my life is filled with it. I am in an impossible situation.
I have no answers, i don't think anybody does.
I have no help because there is no way to help, no one that can help.
My life is a prison that only death can free me of, but i dont wish for it, i have to much to live for, so much left undone, so much life left in me and Her.
But when life becomes unbearable what can one do? strive and get through it? give up?
I used to think i knew what i had to do but now im not so sure.
Its hard enough being apart from Jana, but then when i get abused for no good reason other than the fact that he is in a bad mood and looking for a fight, what can i do?
I dont want to be here anymore, i dont like this place i find myself in, phsically and mentally.
But i cant escape, where can i go? and i cant leave Mother to deal with it.....
It is for her that I am still here, why i take the abuse, the emotional blackmail and the petty bullying.
I can't do this much longer i need to get out of here or i fear that soon, i will lose control of myself.
I can feel my mind slipping, thoughts intruding upon my peaceful mind like wildfire, all saying the same thing 'Kill Him, Kill Him'.
It is a solution of a sort, but not one im willing to apply. not yet,
and this is my worst fear.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Been awhile.......

Well well well it has been awhile since i have had the time
or mind to update this even in the slightest.
i Give it up to A) being so depressed and jobless and B) being
constantly high whenever possible... yes yes i knoww its my choice and
i can change it but u havent heard the whole story yet....
put it this was i spent the last yr studying and got my
Cert 1 and 2 in conservation and land management and
was meant to be starting my cert 3 jan this yr...well as you can tell
things didnt go my way... here-in lies the problem
i cant get a job in my preferred industy with my two certs...
they aint enough.....i mean its not like im not applying for
other on centrelink so i gotta do 10 a fortnight.
but even gettin a normal shitty job is getting harder..
they want this license and that license that ive never even heard of..
neway i just wanted to update this page with something....
been that long i can even remember how to put a photo on here...
ohh well when i got something more interesting to say ill say it here

Monday, February 13, 2006

Gondwana Link - Aus South West

Well now as you have probably already guessed i love WA's
Natural south west.....
so ima just gonna let ya know that there is currently and ,
probably will be for awhile ,
if you love you natural south west as much as i do
go check out this site
is wikkid and explains it all
peace out

Sunday, February 12, 2006


well yesterday i applied for a job in Albany....for those of you that dont know
its in Western Australias South West and is apperantly
very very beautiful..i wouldnt know ive never been there
but i do hope to got there soon...
you see last year i done some courses and got my
Cert 1 and 2 in Conservation and Land Management......I LOVE NATURE!
so i applied for a tree planting job......planting trees..........der?
well im hopin to get so fuckin hard for someone
like me to get a job in my desired industry.......
neway if i get the job ill put it in here cos if i do i wont be here
to do this for 5 weeks!
so fuck you!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

some serious enviro-talk

pic above from (american Wilderness society)

See that sayin up there??????well do ya
if ya cant read it it says.....and i quote

' We have not inherited the world from our forefathers -
we have borrowed it from our children"
Kashmiri, proverb

well that saying right there i heard long ago from a very very good friend
and have since hearing it, lived my life by that proverb up there
and it really does strengthen the way of thinkin about nature...
ive heard another sayin but i cant quite remember it at the moment
but i will continue with the train of thought anon..

okay well at the moment im reading about the Wild Rivers campaign in Queens land
and i think that Queensland is one of the foremost states in realizing the conservation
needs of Australia. With premier Beattie already doing, well not enough but atleast something.
NOw the first group of six rivers have been nominated and need the publics support
otherwise they wont be approved so cmon get off ya ass and goto THE WILDERNESS
SOCIETY site and send the premier of Queensland an email so these loverly rivers
can be deemed 'Wild Rivers' and be forever there.
so yeh what do u think of that?? you fuckin world wasters!!!!

i have also jus read about premier beatties decsion with the "Freehold forestry code"
and i think it is total bullshit!!!utter bullshit forget what i about queensland baing on
the forefront of the needed conservation in australia,, fuck you Beattie!
what a stupid decision to put 10 million i repeat 10 fuckin million HECTARES!!!
up for grabs!!! and this really pisses me off if you cant notice!!!!
what a step back for the australian government...
i mean 350 000 hectares of the 10 million stated earlier is RAINFOREST!!!!
the link is over there -=>
again i tell you support the wilderness society because they WILL save what beauty is left
but they need public support....YOUR support.
now i know this must all seem a bit repetative but it needs to be said
over and over again..its something i learnt from TWS it takes a peson 3
interactions with someone from tws before they take any action
thus why i keep repeating deal!
hey heres a bit of a emotional pic.... i hope it affects you asmuch as it does me

pic above from (Austrtalian wilderness society)

Now im gonna hit a little closer to home with some Western Australian environmental issues.........i love this state and you should too!!! we have 5 out of 8 bio-diversity hot spots in Australia. if you dont know the meaning of a nutshell its just a variety of life containing plant life, animal life and so on but its also where these different life forms thrive within one another and live in peace and harmony:) lol but its tru

well i think all west aussie should love and in some part put effort into keeping our envirnonment as pristine and beautiful as it is me a favour and read that prverb up the top you understand it?? well think until you do...but for me this mean that i need to do what i can to preserve our nature here in aus so that future generations will be able to enjoy what we have taken for granted and raped and pillaged almost til destruction. but hey here i come to save the day...that aint gonna work if we wanna save our natural environment.........we need to work together

well to the north near NINGALOO REEF and im sure most or you remember that, there is a campaign for the Dampier Archipeligo because it is more life rich than ningaloo reef with mangroves, island and coral reefs that are home to humbacks, endangered dugongs, sea turtles, colourfull coral garden and numerous sea bed sponges.

there is one of Dampier 42 islands that is of most importance in the entire indian ocean beacause of the endangered HAWKSBILL TURTLE...this island is also so refueling stop for migratory birds coming from south east asia and is also a sancturay for Dugongs that feed on the sea grass in the shallow are some more pics from the Wilderness societies site

I will say now that all the information no this post has come from the wilderness societywedsite and i give them all credit...

but to put it plainly the DAMPIER ARCHIPELIGO is in danger or destruciotn the way I see it so we need to band together as a community and save this loverly place so go onto the site and send GEOFF GALLOP a email to let him know how u feel.....

again dont take what I personally say here as words of THE WILDRENESS SOCIETY at all the information is theres but the words and opions r my own.....

so dont in any way relate them to the wilderness societys views or opions as a whole

i am totally outside the Wilderness society acting by meyself and would really like some other people witht the same views to post on this blog with if your interested and passionate about our natural a comment and express your interest

anyway this has been another shaving and raving from a not so sane mind...

peace out


help Nature return to her former beauty by caring about litter and pollution and whether or not what you do affects the environment.........Me

again thanks to The Wilderness Society(USA and AUS) for the information and photos that will help to draw emotion from the people that read this

Monday, January 30, 2006

Doctor Doctor!!!!!!(Spanish accent)

well how bout this.....-=>:Þ
na fuckin yesterday i went to the doctors,
my app was at 12:50pm and there in the
waiting room was an old friend of mine....
Jen thing is is that her app was at
11:20am that same day......and yet she was still
so yeh there i am with this growth in my left cheek
jus tryin to get some antibiotics for my new found
friend........but it took roughly 1 hr before i even went in to
the DOCTOR!!!!!!! and then i had to wait another 20mins
while he went and sucked some cock or something
but yeh when he came in i was like
" this growth" pointing at my left cheek
" i want some antibiotics for it" - ME
and he was all like ' ohh does it hurt??'(indian accent, cos hes indian)
" only when i eat, look i can see your busy just gimme the
prescription and ill get out of here...." - Me
'ohh let me se where it comes from' the DOCTOR said pullin out his
lighting tool thingy (???) and one of those giant popstickles..hehe
" i know it comes from my left bottow wisdom tooth...." -Me
"i just wanna get some stuff to make it go away..."-Me
but he proceded to look into my mouth with his tool and, wood.....
...................LOL...................(you sick person you!!!!not those tools and wood)
then hes re-emerges with a look on his face like that of someone
whose just blown their load for the first time in 20 years...... and
he looks at me and says ' I think its your bottom left wisdom tooth'

"YAH THINK???" says I, Infuriated that i was violated for no reason........
' here ' says he giving me a prescription slip
' this is for some antibiotics that will help it go away(my growth)'
"THANKS............alot..............really....." i said as i left the room
with my prescription slip in hand and a pad inmy pocket :)
and all i could think was ' i jus wasted 3 hrs of my sunday for this???'
but hey it killed time and gave me a laugh.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My plea for sanity

okay loyal fan and readers alike...(yeh i know im kiddin my self but meh?)
here comes some more of natarchys hippie shavings and ravings...........
so get ready......

i often find myself thinkin 'do the people of this loverly state realise
that there arent places like this everywhere...?'
i mean W.a has 5 out of 8 bio-diversity hot spots in australia
do you think that this is common knowlage??
well i spent a year and a half puttin this message aswell
as others out into the public...
well what im gettin at is i love this state and im not the only one i know
so why cant there be more effort? why not fight for something
that is so beautiful and unique...
im sittin here pondering what to write but this isnt something
i can do with thinkin i have to feel it.......from my spirit/soul
or whatever you term may be.
can you imagine a world without nature?? Try go on...
Imagine the world with nature, a barren wasteland
because human kind raped every natural resource;
tree and oil alike;
no water because that too is gone through our ignorance....
No living thing beyond the giant bubbles weve built so we
can sustain some amount of living. farming and tilling land
inside these bubbles but never able to venture out...
i mean youve probably seen movies with this scene in it
so think 'what if it really happened?' for a second.....
is that any kind of life you want any family of yours to have?
but in my own opinion the planet wouldnt last that long...
she would throw more natural disasters at us then we can imagine
because we, arent ruler ovr this planet, Gaia-Mother Nature,
she gave all life and she can fuckin take it away too if she likes.
weve seen examples of this, i call the recent waves of natural
disasters examples because Gaia has more power than that.
again you have probably seen movies dipicting massive
natural disasters because i know i have....
do we really wnat any of these to happen??????
you may see your local environmental groups in the city or at your local
shops.... and you may think 'FUCKIN HIPPIES FUCK OFF WITH YOUR
NATURE CRAP' i used to, then i became one :) beware conversion is at hand!
but thing is we are a part of Nature aswell and therefore have a duty to her.
these people you see and think the above about are tryin to save
Gaia because she gives us all life, it may seem an impossible task
but hey doesnt they saying go 'Many hands make light work' ?
the more people that get behind these local environmental groups
or any environmental group for that matter the more chance we
have of stopping mass disasters from happening in the future...
when maybe your children or there children will be alive
and living in a world we fucked up....or they could be living in
a world we worked together to save that is still alive
and flourshing with life....

so think on all i have said here today.......
i told you it was gonna be some more of my hippie shit
peace out

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